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About me

My program of research uses mixed methods to understand developmental processes in the content and clarity of individual identity. Building on models of personality (McCrae & Costa, 2008; Pals & McAdams, 2006; Roberts, Harms, Lodi-Smith, Wood, & Webb, 2006; Roberts & Wood, 2006) and self-concept (Swann & Bosson, 2010), my work addresses individual differences in identity content in the form of personality traits, Eriksonian psychosocial concerns, and narrative identity alongside the metacognitive process of self-concept clarity. Specifically, across multiple longitudinal studies, I investigate the patterns, mechanisms, and outcomes involved in the development of personality content and clarity over time in neurotypical individuals and individuals with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. As an associate professor at Canisius College, I actively integrate this work into my teaching and service to both the college and profession.